Common Questions

Why soy wax?

In short: Soy wax is the best. Like us.

Longer explanation: Soy wax is a vegetable wax that is made out of soybeans. This means it is vegan, environmentally sustainable, and biodegradable. While we believe the beauty and performance of soy candles speak for themselves, soy candles burn slowly (2 to 3 times longer than a paraffin candle) and cooler than other waxes making it safer with kids and pets around. It is also non-toxic and is known to burn cleaner than the most commonly used wax—paraffin.

Paraffin is the final residue left from refining crude oil, and is mostly used because it is cheap and readily available. There has been talk and rumors for sometime about if paraffin is harmful and releases carcinogens into the air. We would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to our health, and the health of our customers.


What fragrances do you use?

All of our fragrances are carefully selected using only the highest quality ingredients. They are also paraben and phthalate free.


Why do you use glass jars?

We think glass makes our candles look pretty (like us). We love being able to easily see the flame of the candle at all times—it helps to brighten the mood. Also, glass jars are recyclable and easy to repurpose and because we use soy wax, it is easier to remove from the jars when finished. Soy wax is also water soluble, meaning if you are messy (like us) it is easily removable from other surfaces and clothing.


Why don’t you use essential oils to scent your candles?

Not that you should avoid essential oils, but we find that many essential oils aren’t used correctly. Essential oils are flammable, and not meant to be burned and can become toxic when not used correctly.

Essential oils also evaporate and dissipate much faster than our fragrance oil, and don’t last as long in candles. We want our customers to get the most value for their money.


What is your burn time for your candles?

About 40 hours if burned correctly.


 My candle doesn’t seem to be burning right. What is wrong with it?

Many people are shocked to learn there is actually a right and wrong way to burn a candle. For the first burn of our candles, we suggest burning until the melted wax reaches the edges of our glass jars. This will enable it to burn evenly all the way to the bottom. For more trouble shooting check out our Candle Care page. 


Why does it look like there are bubbles on the side of my candle? /  Why is there frosting on my candle?

If you see a gap between the wax (wet spots) and the glass container or white speckling on the surface of the candle (frosting), these are completely normal things that happen to soy wax. This happens because soy is more sensitive to temperature than other waxes, so if soy is exposed to colder temperatures it shrinks away from the jar and/or can frost. Unfortunately once the candles leave our studio we can’t control what happens to them in transit. But there is no need to stress, this will not effect the performance of the candle in any way and it will burn just fine. 


Why is the top of my candle not smooth?

Again, this is another normal characteristic of soy wax. We try to ensure the tops of our candles are as smooth as we can get them, but because we use pure soy wax it tends to do whatever it wants sometimes (like us). After you light and extinguish your candle you may notice the wax doesn’t harden evenly. This is completely normal for soy and is actually a positive sign that you are using a pure soy candle. It does not effect the performance of your candle whatsoever.


Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Right now we only ship our candles to Canada and the United States, but if we get enough people interested in other countries we will revisit this!